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Spring Roof Maintenance Tips for Elizabethtown Homeowners

Roofing maintenance isn’t something that most Elizabethtown homeowners want to think about but it is truly one of the most important things which determines how long your roofing system lasts.

Now that the days are getting warmer and the snow melt has started here in Pennsylvania, your roof probably needs some attention. It’s not easy to spot roof damage yourself, so one of the first roof maintenance tips our Elizabethtown roofers want to suggest is to get a roof inspection now.

Roof Inspection

As the snow melts in Elizabethtown, the first order of business is to get a roof inspection. Professional roof inspections are highly important if you want to prevent expensive repairs.

The inspector can spot problems a mile away before they cause leaks and water damage to your house. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of knowing everything is in tip-top shape with your roof if it is.

Keep Up With The Roof Repairs

Even tiny problems like a loose shingle can cause significant water damage to your Elizabethtown home. If the inspection uncovers problems, get the roof repairs done as soon as possible. Just one tiny nail hole can let enough water in to cause wet insulation, ceiling damage, wall damage, wood rotting, electrical problems, and mold.

Gutter Cleaning

You may ask yourself what gutter cleaning has to do with roof maintenance. The truth is that dirty gutters wind up with blockages and that makes the water pool inside and then spill over on the roof edges. If wet and rotting debris sets next to the roof, you wind up with wood rot and the water will get up under the shingles where it doesn’t belong. Pretty soon you’ve got ugly brown ceiling stains near the exterior walls.

Gutter cleaning should be a regular part of your roof maintenance plan. Many roofing companies like our roofers in Elizabethtown will also offer you gutter cleaning service. Some will even offer you a club membership program like we do to help you save on the cost of your roof maintenance.

If you’re looking for a professional roofing contractor in Elizabethtown, then please call us today at 717-367-2348 or complete our online request form.