When a serious storm hits your Susquehanna Valley home, it’s crucial to have a trusted roofing contractor inspect your roof. Not all storm damage is visible from the ground, and most damage can lead to serious water damage in your home.

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4 Signs You Need Repairs for Storm Damage

Visible signs of damage due to downed branches
Roof shingles, siding, or soffit have blown off or are missing
Visible leaks in your attic or living space
You recently experienced a hail storm

Beware of Storm Chasers

Here in southcentral PA, there are several roofing companies that some might call “storm chasers.” When our local channels predicts a storm with high winds or hail, they start mobilizing their staff to pressure homeowners for repairs and new roofs that insurance will pay for – even if you don’t need it.

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We were in search of a roofing company and have had many companies give us an “estimate” BUT even the “Larger Big Named Stores” did not “impress” us and besides pricing they lacked professional customer service! Our roofing specialist (Clint Huber) took his time to even take photos of our problem area on our roof to be able to help us meet our roofing needs! He was so kind and friendly and had knowledgeable of the products offered by Hackman Roofing. He even told us that a financing plan may be of assistance to us to meet our needs! How wonderful to find a great company which we will be using in the near future!

Lisa Maurer, Google Review

Storm Damage Repairs in Elizabethtown and Southcentral PA

For 30+ years, Hackman SmartRoof has helped homeowners throughout Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Dauphin, and Cumberland counties clean up after storms and provide storm damage repairs for their roof, gutters, siding, and trim.

Common Questions About Storm Damage

My roof was damaged by a recent storm. What should I do?
How do I know if I’m working with the right roofing company?