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Hackman Smartroof Sponsors 2 Nd Chance 4 Life to Help Homeless and Abandoned Dogs

Every new day brings a second chance…especially for the homeless and abandoned dogs rescued by 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue, a nonprofit organization based in Elizabethtown. Lynn Leach, the director, started 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue four-years-ago after years of volunteering for a local shelter and animal rescue.

“We are not an animal shelter. We are a network of loving foster homes and places where dogs can be cared for and loved instead of going to shelters,” explains Lynn. “Shelters are so overcrowded, and because of this have to destroy wonderful dogs because of limited space.”

Recently Hackman SmartRoof joined forces with 2nd Chance 4 Life as a corporate sponsor. According to Roofing Specialist Ed Iovino, “Our mission is two-fold: to donate money on behalf of our customers and to create awareness for the need of foster homes to take care of the rescued dogs until “forever” homes are found for them.” Starting in November, Hackman SmartRoof will donate $20.00 to 2nd Chance 4 Life for every scheduled roof repair. All you, the customer, has to do is mention “2nd Chance 4 Life” when scheduling the repair.

Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder.” … Tia Mowry

In addition to roof repairs, Hackman will donate up to $200.00 for every roof replacement, depending on the cost and size of the roof. Again, all the customer has to do is mention “2nd Chance 4 Life” when scheduling the replacement.

“Foster Networks build hope. Business sponsors such as Hackman SmartRoof help build the structure of our dream. We dream of five acres of land and a building,” says Lynn. “And sponsorships like this help us put money in the building fund.”

“Donations are so important in funding the rescue. Once we find a loving foster family to take care of a 2nd Chance dog, the rescue takes care of the medical care expenses through our wonderful vet team,” says Lynn. “We also take care of providing food thanks to Purina. We provide for the grooming, supply a crate and all the training foster families would like.”

For more information regarding 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue, visit their web site and look them up on facebook. We plan to feature stories on 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue in upcoming additions of “The Guardian.” We will spotlight dogs that need forever homes or placement in foster homes; discuss what is involved in fostering a rescued dog; and share happy ending stories.

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