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Common Winter Roof Repairs to Watch For


As a homeowner, by now, you’re probably aware of just how significant a role your roof plays in protecting your home. It’s the first line of defense against the elements, but it has to be in tiptop shape to do so.

In your planning, make sure you have one of the reliable local roofers to work with when you need service. From the initial installation to the eventual roof replacement, you need an established and hard-working professional.

Roof maintenance can and should take place all year; you’re inspections should be scheduled for spring and fall. Yet, repairs can pop up at any time, including winter, so be prepared.

Most Commonly Reported Winter Roofing Problems

Roof maintenance ranks among the most vital service to stay current with, and you really want to avoid winter repairs when possible. Due to the harsh weather conditions, it’s not always possible to detect a problem right away.

Plus, you may not be able to get prompt repairs; you may have to wait for the weather to let up. However, you should still be aware of what you may be expecting:

  • Ice Dams – This is a common occurrence in homes lacking a sufficient amount of insulation in the attic. Snow melts where the roof is warm, then refreezes at the edge, causing a dam. The result is trapped water that pushes under the shingles, causing water intrusion. You can expect follow-up issues such as mold, rot, and leaks.
  • Icicles – Lovely to look at, a danger to have; icicles form on the edge of your roofline or gutters when the temperature is still below freezing but the sun is out. They form and can become large and heavy, leading to gutter and roof damage. Not to mention, they become a safety hazard to anyone walking under them.
  • Tree Limbs – There’s a reason reputable roofing contractors highly recommend staying on top of tree trimming. Growing or falling branches can wreak havoc on your rooftop. In the winter, even seemingly healthy limbs that overhang your roof can break under the weight of snow. When it’s your roof that catches the branch, you could suffer significant damage.

Help is on the Way

At Hackman SmartRoof, our customers are our number one priority. That’s a tall order when it comes to taking care of the most essential feature on your home.

We’ll be there, during all four seasons, to take care of the service you require. Call now and find out what makes us the top dog when it comes to Elizabethtown Roofing Contractors.

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