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Your Top 5 Elizabethtown Gutter Protection Systems

A great way to protect you home from water damage is with rain gutters. Excess water from rain, ice and melting snow can cause damage to the eaves, facial boards and walls of your house, as well as destroy landscaping and driveways.

Diverting water by way of a Elizabethtown gutter system can save you a lot of headache and a ton of money in repairs down the road.

Gutter Protection Options

There are many Elizabethtown gutter protection alternatives available today. Some of these systems are:


These type systems come in a variety of style. Some have a rounded nose that diverts water into a narrow elongated space. Others have louvered slots that direct the water into the gutter while at the same time filtering out unwanted leaves and debris.


These are very similar to covers except for the face that they have a flat, smooth surface as well as slots on both sides which enable snow and ice to slide off as well as heavy runoff.


This is perhaps the oldest type of gutter system used. It does an adequate job if installed properly and well maintained. Plus, these types of gutters are very affordable.


This system is a material that fits into the gutter and is flush with the top of it. It is made of a very porous material that only allows water to flow into the system.

Leaf Free Gutter and Hood:

Out of all the Elizabethtown gutter systems available today, this is by far the best as far as low maintenance and functional reliability. This system has a wide gutter and works based on liquid adhesion.

Water actually clings to the leaf free hood and drains down into the extra-deep seamless gutter. With this system, the hood over the gutter keeps the leaves out and diverts the water into the gutter to then be channeled away form your home.

Regardless of which system you choose, gutters can help protect your home. Most come in a variety of styles and colors to not only protect your home, but add to the beauty of it as well. So, decide which is best for your home and budget and protect your home from unnecessary water damage with an Elizabethtown gutter protection system.

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