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Understanding the Options You Have for Vinyl Siding

The average consumer has, of course, heard of vinyl siding. However, what you probably don’t realize is the fact that you actually have quite a variety of choices available for vinyl siding.

It may also seem a bit shocking that you’re learning about these options via a team of expert roofing contractors. Yet, the industries of siding, roofing, and even gutters often intertwine.

All of these work together to protect your home, all the way down to the structural integrity of the foundation. It’s important to know the options that you have available, before making any major decisions.

Looks, Colors, & Styles – We Have it All

Vinyl siding has come a long way since its first inception back in the 1950s. Originally introduced as an alternative to and replacement for aluminum siding, it’s changed over the decades.

While always fairly durable, it’s gotten a lot better in quality, even more so in recent years. With the evolution also comes the wider variety that’s available.

There are three main types of vinyl siding – vertical, horizontal, and shake. This does impact the way the material and finished look turns out but when it comes to styles that really change the appearance, consider these:

  • Dutch Lap – Distinguishable for its horizontal overlapping at a sharper and steeper profile. It’s meant to replicate the appearance of hand-carved wooden planks.
  • Beaded – Also an option for horizontal siding, each panel creates a unique shadow line as a result of a rounded groove that runs along the bottom.
  • Vertical – Like the name would suggest, vertical siding runs vertically. It was originally popular for barns and farmhouses but has gotten trendier with residential homes.
  • Log – As you’ve probably guessed, this type is meant to look like actual log planks. The good news is that you don’t have the expense or maintenance associated with real log planks.
  • Shingle & Shake – One of the more unique options out there, shingle and shake is a favorite among architects. You’ll love the look and it manages to look like a more expensive siding material.
  • Board & Batten – Named for the system used to secure the boards to the home, with battens. It covers the seams and makes the home look finished.

The good news is that you can create the look you want and it all starts with knowing your options. Contact the Hackman SmartRoof team by calling us for optimal results from an Elizabethtown roofing contractor.

If you’re looking for vinyl siding installtion in Elizabethtown, then please call us today at 717-367-2348 or complete our online request form.